join the Rebellion

the Bubblegum Rebellion isn’t about your average revolution. it’s not about anger or defiance. rather, this rebellion is a dare. a dare to live differently. to rebel harmlessly. to conquer winsomely.

the Bubblegum Rebellion is about dancing even when others stop to stare and you let them. it’s about putting flowers in your hair like the awkward wisp of fairymagic that you are. it’s about closing your eyes and feeling the sun on your eyelids and a smile so wide the whole world can’t contain it. it’s about learning from the past but not staying there, not wasting one more minute of YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE reliving it. it’s about finally feeling like you belong somewhere and basking in the knowledge that you are loved for the BEAUTIFUL MESSED UP human being that you are.

…will you join the Rebellion?

HERE’S WHAT YOU DO. use the hashtag #BubblegumRebellion on social media to share stories about beauty, wonder, hope, freedom, healing, and starting over.

or make a I’M A REBEL video. i made my own video but haven’t posted it anywhere yet – if you’d like to be the first one to post your version, email me for details on what this video looks like.

maybe i’ll even design some kind of flesh-and-blood CHARTER that we can all add our names to somehow.

let the armies amass themselves!

32 thoughts on “join the Rebellion”

  1. Nice job, Kate! This looks really good. And I like the idea behind this. “…a dare to live differently. to rebel harmlessly. to conquer winsomely.” Well put!

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to contribute much myself but I’m definitely looking forward to see what you do with this and am really excited about your first video!! 😀

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    1. *screeches* I am SO GLAD that you like it!! *hugs forever* I need all the validation. ;))

      I am so excited too! And believe me, your support is everything.


      1. Actually, I’ve been wondering if there’s any sort of official playlist?? because Owl City’s Shooting Star (“when the sun goes down and the lights burn out, then it’s time for you to shine“) and Oh Gravity’s Dreamers (“we are the dreamers… we are the fire that lights up the dark, millions of faces, every place, on beating heart“) make me think of the Bubblegum Rebellion so much… which means it’s been on my mind a bit recently. 😉


  2. Such a beautiful bog.. but then I’m prejudiced for pink. I’m so excited to see what’s going to become of this! Love the idea and I’ve “joined” already. Maybe I’ll do a post or video? But I’ll talk to you about the video if I ever get around to that ;p Also, I tried going to your twitter and Instagram but the links just took me to the main sites.


    1. YOU ARE FAR TOO KIND. I’m not a huge fan of pink myself?? But it seemed to fit, you know? so I’m trying to rekindle my early love of girly things. ;)) AWESOME!! I will add your name to the Very Official Charter. 😉 I WOULD LOVE THAT! Definitely email me whenever and about whatever. Yeeeaaaaah, I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet… I’ll customize those!!


  3. This is beautiful! And I still can’t believe it’s been up for like. months. and this is the first time I’ve laid eyes upon it.

    *crawls under a blanket and cowers in shame*


    1. Ohmygoodness, Megan!!! You are so sweet! I’m thrilled that you like it! BUT DON’T FEEL BAD!!! I set it up a while ago, but I’m only now trying to get the word out about it…


  4. Hiya. So…I found this through the interview you did on the amazing Ruby’s blog and I have to say – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I’ve always wanted to be a rebel and show people that you can live differently and spread hope and light and joy. You’ve basically put what I’ve always wanted into words and made it AN ACTUAL THING (which is awesome, btw) I’d love to get involved somehow. I’ll have a think and read through your website a bit more. I’m definitely be in touch soon.


  5. I’m actually a ditto of Gracie up above ^-^ I came via the link from Ruby’s blog.

    This sounds like an amazing idea, and I can’t wait to see it all go into action!!


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