meet the Team



KATE POWELL: creator/writer/actor

as a four-year-old, Kate routinely screamed long, heartwrenching monologues to the nonplussed white wall of her bedroom – whenever she was upset by anything, which was…  daily. that may have been the first time her penchant for the dramatic reared its head. many, many games of pretend and more than a decade later, Kate had this Epiphany: nothing would ever make her happier than acting did. now her passion is to bring stories to life and her hope is that those stories will change people. but when she isn’t at a rehearsal, she writes gritty books about family, culture, redemption, and hope and drawing creepy burning, bleeding things with her art pencils, and reveling in the haunting wistfulness of the trees when she takes long hikes in a nearby park.


[tech support/film editor – …?]

[music – …?]

if you’re interested in joining The Team, simply email me at just include the obvious stuff like your name (pseudonyms are FINE, don’t freak out), your age, how many years of experience you have, and a sample of your work. thanks!