busy fingers

i love these simple



busy fingers

mind free to roam

and soar

on every

fleeting current

methodically taking out cornrows

hours of toothpicking my way through thick curly hair

shelling peas

the sun hot on the back of my neck

weaving yarn into a tiny basket

bring the thread forward

bring the thread

forward, forward, forward

unwind and cut and loop

hands busy, mind free

and i think

in these moments

i could be ordinary

mundane happinesses

and i don’t need to be unforgettable

i don’t have to be immortal

maybe i live this small beautiful life

because this is all i’m

truly certain

i’m good at

small things

unbraiding hair

shelling peas

weaving a basket

fingers busy

mind free to fly

to roam

writing all the stories

i might never write for real

because maybe i love the mundane too much

even though part of me shrivels at the thought

to be anything more

than ordinary

and happy to be

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