small comfort, a found poem

[based off of/in response to/borrowing from a friend’s poem, but i don’t think he will mind, or ever read this]

to be set free

from this

a hunger for love


it scares me

this desire

to mark this earth

to stake a claim

to know these trees

each by name


it scares me

the longing to stay


i’ve never had it before

so i don’t quite know

what i’m looking for


maybe a choice

to decide where you’re standing

is it okay

not to be free?


don’t leave drifting away

perhaps when i am finally sunk in earth

i will find a place

to stay

to rest


i cling to this fence

determine to be grounded

pull my hopes up

find them unfounded


i’ve found some small comfort

in being alone

God by my side

as i wander

in search of home

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