hearing from God, pt. 2

I think I understand

a little more than I did


I’ve been straining to hear

your voice in all this


I sit in the sun

my eyes hurt

I close them

and whisper

“show me the way”

wind on my face is the only answer

does that mean

it is the answer

or simply

that today

the heavens remain silent

shame is a dark whirlwind

I walk away

only to be sucked back in

there is grace

for creatures made of dust

how did I ever dare

to say that Jesus isn’t powerful enough

for all my broken pieces

the mistakes of last year

and the ones i’ll make tomorrow

silence need not be translated as anger

perhaps we

can be friends

the kind who sit together

in the quiet

and don’t need words

he might never speak

I think i’m okay anyway

there is no sinner wandering

that he can’t love back into his arms

every day I see him

in the trees that line the road

i’m determined

to believe that convictions follow actions

I won’t wait for a feeling

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