conversation in yellow {short story files}

“the sun is like ten times hotter back home.”

“I know. I miss it, too. for the record.”

“yeah. I think we’re doing okay. blending in.”



“we fit in here about as well as two yellow-striped rhinoceroses at a pool party. and they’re in their pajamas. in Antarctica.”

“oh. that bad?”

“worse, actually.”

“how could it possibly–”

“they are singing Beyoncé.”

“I like Beyoncé.”

“David stop.”

“But I really–”

“no, David. no one likes Beyoncé. the point is… we don’t fit. this isn’t home, this will never be home.”

“what if it’s not home when we go back? what if it changes while we’re away?”

“it will. of course it will. this is the life we’ve chosen.”

“we didn’t choose it, you know. not really.”

“would you have had it any other way? would you actually choose normal over the crazy wild thing we lived instead, out there?”

“of course not!”

“right. so we chose it. it is ours, just as much as it was theirs. it was a trash fire sometimes, but it was kind of the life.”

“yeah. so… we won’t ever be normal? anywhere?”


“you okay with that?”

“I will be, David. not today, but someday.”

“nobody really fits in anyway. they just try harder than we do.”

“and they don’t admit that they like Beyoncé.”

“right. there is that, too.”


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