oldfashioned things (like soul mates)

oldfashioned things

like soul mates

faded jeans and that retro style that I can’t rock to save my life

admire from a distance

the life that they have

feeling sad

and happy and lonely and left alone, wanting

oldfashioned things

like romance and twirly too-bright print dresses

the kind I’ve never had

but it’s okay


I don’t mind

oldfashioned things

are for them

my heart aches, but it’s a good ache

reminding  me that there is good here

I can love the things I can’t have


I can fiercely uphold the young couple, the pregnant mother, the long-distance lover, the dreamer who never gives up

even if I will never be where you are

sometimes I daydream

about a simple



it’s not for everyone though

and that’s the price

of being different

wanting more and the restlessness that takes over when I settle in for too long

oldfashioned things

maybe not everyone was designed to be half

of a whole

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