a continuation

the poems don’t have endings

because the story continues on

more relics like the pencil stub clutter my shelves

people continue to hurt and surprise me

to catch me when I fall and push me over the edge

it’s a wonderful, beautiful


I reach out and I cry when no one reaches back

but there are days like today

when the sun is laughing in the sky and i’m wearing flip flops

so it’s okay

I know that people care

and even when people don’t show it in the right way, they are there

I don’t edit the poems I just

write them

I sit when it’s sunny and spill out the nonsense that fills my brain

even if I don’t like it I hit publish

because maybe I want to share the glorious chaos with someone

did you know that each poem has a little tune in my brain

you can’t hear

which is sad

because they are lilting and light

like the music boxes I was obsessed with as a little girl

this one sounds like “burn” from hamilton but i’m not angry

even if you can’t hear the delicate chimes that float through each line

I hope this one sounds dusty and sunny

to you


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