I love to watch birds

They are so fragile,

and yet so strong and


Their wings are tiny

Their little feet

don’t look as though they should be able to support their body

Their voices are sweet

and effortless

It is as if they open their mouths and a song


tumbles out

How I wish

I could be more like the birds


and not ashamed of it

Not afraid as they climb

the currents of air

higher and

higher into an endless blue sky

The music of the birds can spark hope

in a weary heart

I wish

I wish I could be that bird


in a world

where I am at the center,

I forget to look up

and look around

I forget that my pain

is not

the most important thing in my life

Hope is

I forget others

in my headlong


of self

Can we start over?

Can our lives be

more like the music

of the birds,

filling the world with hope?

I have wings too, you know

I don’t use them

very much, so

you may not notice them

at first

Most people don’t

Many days they feel far too weak

to fly away on


even I forget they are there

So I stay here,

on the ground,

where it feels safe and

I am in control

Control feels a bit

like a prison,


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