the how

someone recently asked me a question that ROCKED MY WORLD. i didn’t know what to do with it; it was burning my mind because… i had no answer.

“what is your advice for living rebelliously?”

my advice.

the Bubblegum Rebellion is cute and fluffy and fun when i’m writing wordy, poetic mission statements and flooding your senses with my innocent pink aesthetic but how is any of this–


the truth is that this is as much for me as for any of you. not that i don’t want you to embrace it as well – i do. but i started the whole thing because i knew i needed it.


because i have no idea what i’m doing. what the Rebellion even MEANS. i’m still figuring it out. i’ll know it when i find it, right?


still, i thought about that question a lot. and even if it’s still hard for me to put into words the new life i can see so vividly in my head, i did come up with a few things. because i can’t just leave you hanging. i can’t start a Rebellion and then dodge the most important question.


until i find it, this is my advice for Rebelling – in a practical way.

i. shout encouraging things to yourself in the mirror (every day)

ii. whenever no one is looking, dance (just a little bit) (don’t go crazy) (okay fine, go as crazy as you want)

iii. don’t just walk. RUN (it’s more fun, i promise)

iv. make a mess sometimes (paint is good)

v. make the first move

vi. write a list of FUN STUFF you have to do

vii. jump on your bed (or someone else’s. i’m sure they won’t mind) (couches work too)

viii. look for puddles and other bodies of water to jump in

ix. look around (you might see something beautiful like a hot guy or a baby deer or a tree or something)

x. make eye contact (and then creep the other person out by smiling very s l o w l y)

xi. try (maybe) to remember that the other person is a prince or princess too

xii. lead the way

xiii. play

xiv. SKITTLES (or other candy too i guess i mean i won’t murder you or anything)

xv. eat good food slowly (the goodness lasts longer that way)

xvi. do harmless things (like shouting at birds or proposing on your knees to someone you just met)

xvii. photoshoot day

xviii. pick flowers

xix. that person who disappointed you? give them another chance

xx. look dumb (i’m terrified of people seeing my look dumb but really who’s watching? just your future spouse DON’T BLOW THIS)

xxi. hold someone’s hand




5 thoughts on “the how”

  1. Okay. Wow. Numbers eleven and fourteen totally just smacked me in the face. I…don’t really know what to say. This is something that I think I’ve been failing to do, so….thank you. Thank you so much for this reminder…. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— You are an amazing bean, Kate. πŸ’—


  2. Ah, excellent. I shall take all of these as 100% unbendable rules and shall live a perfect, joyous, bubblegum life. (Seriously, though, I’ve started sticking Bubblegum Rebellion-inspired things on my cupboard door, and since this came direct from the boss-lady Kate, it’s going up there.)

    Also wondering, will we ever be getting a Bubblegum Rebellion playlist?? I vote for Owl City’s Shooting Star and Oh Gravity’s Dreamers.


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